Our productions are presented to you under the brand DELICATE SURGICAL disposable medical consumables, plastic medical equipments.

Our company has CE certificate and ISO 13485 certificate in its products, and it is produced with sensitivity to environmental protection regulations and Occupational Health and Safety.

Instrument tip guard , Container lock seal , Urine bag hanger , Trokar Seal Cap , Specimen Containers  , Collection , Centrifuge Tubes

STERILE – CE Certification – ISO13485 Certification – Stainless Steel 316 lvm – AISI420

Dermatome Blade – Kirschner wire – Steinmann Pin – Cerclage wire – Gigli saw/wire – Archbar wire

PPE Products

We produce Individual Proactive Protection equipment, which is the choice of professionals. We aim for the deepest precision and high quality in our products. Our productions are produced, prepared and packaged in CE certified and ISO13485 certified hygienic environments.

Bouffant Cap , Face Mask Tie on , Face Mask Ear loop , Face Shiled Visor , FFP2 n95 Mask , FFP3 n95 Mask / Valve

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