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Blue Plastic Medical Products

Sterile Set Products, surgical sterile packs single use scalpel, towel clamp, kocher forceps, plastic trays, , surgical trays, kidney dish, guidewire bowl, 3 Compartment Tray, sponge holder, solution containers, sponge stick, drainage port, vb equipments they manufacturer.
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Sterile Surgical Set Up helping products, non sterile, disposable, Guidewire Bowl, plastic blue trays, plastic blue bowls, plastic forceps, plastic kocher, plastic dranage ports etc. manufacturer company advantage fast and direct shipping. Products CE certificatedi ISO 13485 certificated. All products, Türkiye in there factory manufactured. Made in Türkiye

We produce “plastic auxiliary products” for sterile surgical packages. These products are blue plastic, disposable, plastic treatment trays, plastic collets, plastic blue kidney tub, plastic towel clamp, plastic handle and steel scalpel, blue various size bowls, plastic kocher, guidewire bowl etc. There may be more than one medical disposable sterile in-pack products such as bowls, trays, treatment trays in sterile set packages. Our production is “Disposable Surgical Sterile Set in Plastic Products“.